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  August 21, 2015

First posted: Sun, Feb 25, 07

Lenses are made to fix this problem. This is a description of the lens in Juno Aculux recessed fixture. You should be able to purchase something similar separately to add to your fixture.

“Lens – Supplied with stippled clear uniformity lens to eliminate striations without altering beam spread. Lampholder accommodates up to two accessory lenses. Lenses do not require removal during relamping.”

There are several types of lenses available to both spread and smooth the light, to color it, etc.

In addition to correcting this problem with a lens, the lamp is the culprit and can be replaced with a better one. There are several choices in lamps besides beam angle and wattage. The quality of the reflector is at work here. Many professional lighting designers specify GE ConstantColor Precise MR16 lamps for UV control, heat reduction, stability of the reflector material for no color shift over life of the lamp, and long life of the filament. A nice lamp combined with the uniformity lens should look very smooth.