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  August 21, 2015

Alternative to ‘Swiss cheese’ lighting

Choose your lighting designer with the same care as for any other professional service. You need to see their portfolio and spend some time talking about your wishes, and listening to their ideas. There are software tools to allow a designer to calculate the light needed for specific rooms and tasks and show how different fixtures can accomplish the goal. There is no need to guess. Some designers have been through this enough to where they have a good feel for what works and what doesn’t in similar areas with similar fixtures. Different types of lighting in a room may be intended to accomplish different tasks and there are many different kinds of recessed fixtures and sizes. You may need more qualified design help or to listen carefully to the basis for the design. Because you came here to post tells me your designer didn’t or can’t explain the design. Ask them to justify all of the lighting and explain what each type of light is for and how it affects the room.