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Title 24


  August 19, 2015

Do you hate just the old technology fluorescent or the new stuff too? Do you know the difference between them? Most people with this strong opinion developed it because of the poor color properties and possible flicker of the old. New has higher color rendering, more color temperature choices and a higher frequency above what humans can see flicker. It is also dimmable with the right ballasts. However, it is still not quite as nice in some ways as incandescent.

Here is a rundown on what others are doing to cope with the rules.

#1 and best is to just follow the code as intended with at least 50% of your kitchen lighting wattage from a fluorescent source which must have true fluorescent only sockets and electronic ballasts. There are some acceptable fluorescent recessed fixtures available and when dimmable one can live with them. Good designers can make this work and save you a few bucks on the power bill.

#2 increase the fluorescent wattage in places to offset the incandescent you really want somewhere else. An example is to put dual lamp T5HO fixtures on top of the cabinets to get a lot of watts up there. If you do intend to use them it is best to make them dimmable.

#3 flat out cheat and put up temporary fixtures in a place easy to change. An example is over the island or peninsula where one might want pendants some put up cheap fluorescent fixtures with enough wattage to make the numbers work just to pass code. Everyone knows what’s going on but the inspectors can’t write correction notices for bad taste.

Some inspectors are more strict than others. Some look and see fluorescents and that you are trying. They may not be concerned that you are a few watts over the limit while others add it all up and strictly enforce. Some others are confused amd mixing up the rules from different areas of the home.